Day 1 #MatesInAlaska

Just checking in to let you know we've arrived in Haines Alaska. We caught the ferry from Juneau and even the ferry ride was awesome. The mountains are completely insane here, like New Zealand but so much bigger and so dam steep! We checked into our condo which was built in 1904, It's old but so cosy with a lot of character and of course some of the best views in the world. When we arrived we got our safety briefing and met our guide for the next couple weeks. Everyone is saying we came at the right time.

Mates in Japan

I know its been a while since I've done a post on this thing but our internet in Japan was freaking terrible and I've been trying to snowboard as much as humanly possible. 

Road skimmer
Phantom flex
Robbie Walker
Snow monkey

Video part in PEOPLE films 2012 release 'Pretty Wise'

Here's my shared opening part in PEOPLE'S 2012 release 'Pretty Wise' I've always been a fan of their films so it was a pleasure to finally work with them.

Melbourne 'Pretty Wise premiere'

Last Friday was the Melbourne premiere of our new movie 'Pretty Wise' and what an awesome turn out. It definitely wasn't an easy season for us so it was a huge surprise and pleasure to be sharing the opening part of the movie with my good mate Robbie Walker. Big thank you to all the sponsors and Transfer magazine for making this night happen.

Christel, myself and Ol' mate Murry
Nick Wood, Shawn Belmore
Oi' Mate, Mitch
RJMC, Max Small
Pretty Wise
Alice, Robbie
Robbie and mini me
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