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Night Fury part 4

So, some shit went down. Long story short I crashed pretty bad and have done damage to my left knee and left ankle. I wont have an exact diagnosis until I'm back in New Zealand and get a CT scan and MRI. The physio and doctor that have treated me here believe my ACL is still intact, which is positive. But today the doctor believes that from the X-Ray and because he drained so much blood from my knee that there could be a possibe fracture in my knee.

Night Fury part 3

So we got one more night out of the last zone we found. Nothing crazy, just a little pat down feature that we (Maybe) got a couple filler shots on. We linked up with the Black diamond crew yesterday and they were cool enough to sled all our gear out to a zone that was a little too far for us to hike into. We've left all our lighting up there so we can work the zone for the next couple nights. Mostly wedge spots up their and I definitely didn't come here to build wedges but the snow hasn't been that amazing and we need shots!

Night fury part 2

Night before last we struggled a bit, it hasn't snowed much since we arrived so its been hard finding spots that havent been shredded already that day.. Last night worked alright though, we took a gamble and hiked from a random car park. We found a couple features, got some shots and were home by 1am. 

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