Moonlight mission

Nick Brown and myself headed to a cabin called 'One Tone' in Moonlight over the weekend. We flew in with Heli Tours and hiked out. The hike outta there was easily the sketchest one by foot I've ever done in my life. We started out by river in $40 rafts we brought from the Warehouse (I flipped mine 3 times) We found ourselfs side hilling for a couple hours, clinging to tussock for dear life with 100+ meter cliffs below, something I hope I'll never have to do again.

red bull trolly grand prix

Went up to Auckland in the weekend to check out the 'Red Bull Trolly Grand Prix' Had a little too much fun and still recovering..

Let Me Take You To The Mountain

Another solid edit from the mates at Gopro, can't wait to get my new cam.

Diaries Downunder | 2013 Winter | Episode 5 | SPRING IS GOOD!

Spring is a bit of flippant beast however and a glorious sunny day can soon be swapped with a storm that brings epic powder to your favourite spot on the mountain. This is what Spring is all about. Keeping us on our toes, keeping us guessing and surprising us with those last blasts of epic snow. In this episode we salute Spring, and make the most of some of the best powder conditions of the season. Blue skies and powder is a hard combination to beat.

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