Haven't blogged in ages, thought I'd let you know how my injury is coming along and what I've been doing with my time. For the most part I've just been laying low here in Arrowtown. Been doing a little physio but most days its just gym work on the knee and ankle. I have a bunch of exercises from my physio to keep me busy, leg raises, lunges, squats and 50-60 minutes on the bike a day. Some days are better than others, today my ankle was pretty sore but overall its coming along really well.

The end

Head over HERE and peep what the boys got up to their last days shoot'n.. 

Injury and Night fury update

So I got more X-Rays on my knee and ankle today and I'm relieved with the results. I haven't fractured either of them so I'm straight off the crutches. Still, more than likely I've done some serious damage to my knee that will require surgery and time off snow. For now I'm happy I can get straight to work and focus on getting this knee strong as possible.

Cold & Soba Full movie

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