I've been to Japan a bunch before but never spent anytime in Sapporo City so it was cool to finally check it out a little. We spent most our time in hardware stores though, the boys built a sled to carry our generator and some stands for all our lighting, I mostly just watched and played with the puppy's they had there. When we got done our friend took us to a Jingisukan restaurant and we hit the Karaoke bar.

Tokyo SkyTree tower

Our last night in Tokyo was rerry cool, we checked out the SkyTree Tower which is the tallest building in the world.. I think? (632M) We also stumbled across some rerry expensive robots. We're off to Sapporo today to pick up all our lighting and get all the gear ready to shoot some board'n - Finally.


Just got to Tokyo, I'll be hang'n for a few days shooting the intro for a short film I'm apart of this season. All the snowboarding for this film will be shot entirely at night so after we wrap up here we're heading to Sapporo to pick up all of our lighting. I'll post again tomorrow with what we get up to here..



Moonlight mission

Nick Brown and myself headed to a cabin called 'One Tone' in Moonlight over the weekend. We flew in with Heli Tours and hiked out. The hike outta there was easily the sketchest one by foot I've ever done in my life. We started out by river in $40 rafts we brought from the Warehouse (I flipped mine 3 times) We found ourselfs side hilling for a couple hours, clinging to tussock for dear life with 100+ meter cliffs below, something I hope I'll never have to do again.

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