A mates tale

Our winning edit from the World Heli Chalenge..

Behind the Scenes Episode 2

In this behind the Scenes episode follow Nick Brown, Jake Koia, Connor Harding and Heath Patterson as they venture into the unknown. The first night on the job and how this project turned a bunch of Snowboarders into full-time night shift workers. After stopping through Sapporo to stock up on power adapters, extension chords and light poles the crew headed out on their first night to test all the gear and decide how to best lug everything around.

Night Fury - A Short film

Night Fury is a fictional snowboard short film, shot almost entirely at night, in Japan's Niseko Back country. Burton's Nick Brown and Connor Harding join up with Red Bull rider Jacob Koia in a battle against the elements and evil. The Evil snow phantom has lured them in with his back country traps, built to excite the three riders and take their mind off the ever present danger. 

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